I’m taking three art classes this fall. Instead of doing the homework for those classes, I’m doing this. Haha.

The Professor in one of the classes asked us what we think art is. The students who volunteered their answers spoke mostly about art being emotional. I never thought of it that way, probably because I try not to have any emotion. Call me a CYBORG and I’ll take it as a compliment. But my answer was simple. To me, art is imagination brought to life. So whatever you can think of, and create it for everyone to experience is art to me. Paintings, drawings, quilts, architecture, makeup looks, sculptures, Play-Doh animals, hair styles, LEGO messes, balloon animals… You get the idea.

Sometimes I have this huge, out-of-control, insane imagination. Friends who get my Snap stories know this. Well, bedsides the pizza snaps. This blog is like the extended version of some of my stories.

I’m definitely not a writer, I hate writing, and I know that’s what a blog is, but to me it’s different. It’s how I get some of my imagination out to make room for more imagination. Not that I’m being really imaginative on here but it’s stuff that I think about and if I write (type) it down then I don’t have to think about it anymore, therefore I can think about other things. I was told by HIM that my mind is like Google. Type a word in the search bar and everything related to that word pops up. While talking to me, say a word or phrase and I’ll bring up anything and everything related to that word or phrase and include it in our conversation. I also have a movie for every situation, but that’s another story.

Back to art and writing. I guess you can say this is my art because this is stuff that’s on my mind and I need to get it out. There is The Art of War, a book that has a cool title and I’m envious. If this were a book I would title it The Art of Blog-Where My Imagination Comes to Life (in a boring way). Boring, because I’m not good at articulating my thoughts onto paper. Or screen. So when I’m typing it comes out bland. But in real life I can swing my arms around and act it out and be all dramatic and that’s how my imagination becomes interesting. I’m great at acting like a zombie. Maybe that isn’t acting and I’m just really like that…

I need to re-read The Art of War and maybe win against my bad writing.

Imagination Comes to Life is now making me think of zombies crawling out of your screen when you read this. Like the scary girl in The Ring. Or when YOU are at your screen typing, whatever scary word you type starts crawling out. Do you type scary words? Try it. Dishwashing. Cleaning. COOKING! Those are scary words to me. Think of cooking utensils and pans flying at you from your computer screen. Gosh, I’m gonna have nightmares.

Even though I hate writing, I like this because there is no word count, no grading, no one telling me that my writing needs to flow or whatever. I know I have bad punctuation and grammar. It’s because I had excellent absences in school. So I missed all those English lessons. Not that I missed them (Haha again). And not that I care now because with all the poop that’s on the internet these days, no one should criticize ME. And unlike a real conversation, if anyone gets bored with what I have to say, then they can exit. Simple as that.

Just be glad you don’t have to deal with my imagination in real life! Bless my family and friends because they have to be witnesses to my imagination almost every day. I Love them.

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