Firelake Fireflight Balloon Festival

The Citizen Potawatomi Nation put on a hot air balloon festival for the community again this year. This is the second year for them. I didn’t go last year because…I don’t remember why and rumor was it was supposed to be bigger this year. So I went. Barely. My friends had to come pick me up to go because I would’ve had so much panic/anxiety about the parking (I’m such a weirdo, I know) if I drove and just met them there. Sanity savers they are. And with them we parked very close to the festival and had no problems and no traffic getting out of the parking area after the show. It was so stress free!

We kinda started out here.


The blue is what was happening today. Food trucks, carnival, stuff for kids, petting zoo, merch vendors, live music and my favorite-the ART SHOW! The other color is everyday normal stuff that goes on.

This band wasn’t bad, but as many people that were there, no one seemed too interested. I don’t know who they were and never heard the names of the other bands either. I named this picture Sad Concert.


Walking around we seen a fluffy doggy with a hurt paw. Sad Paw.


Then we went to check out the art show. If I wasn’t saving for SLAAAYERRR I would’ve bought a few paintings. We met a nice guy who was helping his sister sell her paintings. I felt bad for interrupting her working so I could get a picture but wanted to do a little advertising. Her name is Stefani Hopper.


These two are my favorites out of her collection.



Here are some paintings from another artist but we didn’t meet him. And I didn’t get many pictures because some stupid girl kept watching me. Why didn’t she take a picture? Stupid.




After that I started whining about needing a drink. No, not because of the painting. Haha. It was hot and the sun hates me. The sky looked cloudy but the sun was there! But we were smart and went next door to get drinks at Firelake Grocery store instead of the overpriced drinks from the festival.

And because I was whining about food too.


And finally the balloons. And the human birds in the background.



And my Sanity Savers! Meet Diane and Chuck.


For a short clip of the balloons being lit, click here.

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