My Birthday

So this birthday, I started a new decade and I wanted to do something besides dinner and cake. Not that I don’t enjoy dinner and cake but I have a thing about 5 year age increments, 25, 30, 35… and I think those numbers are a little bit more special. Anyway, I had been thinking about what I wanted to do for a few months and my ideas were either too expensive for the amount of guests or just too expensive period. Not to mention May has been so busy this year that I almost forgot about my birthday until the week before.

My initial plan started out with going to a place on Friday night and then going somewhere else on Saturday afternoon and whoever could make it to either or both were invited. But the thought of organizing that mess was too stressful so I deleted it. Mainly because reservations are required and that’s such a hassle in my life. At almost the last minute I decided on a grown up girls day and it all came together and I had a very happy birthday.

First stop is Pinkitzel. This is a cupcake/candy/expensive gift shop in between Bricktown and Downtown OKC. Except I wouldn’t know anything about the cupcakes because I only ever get the macarons. Thanks to my lovely daughter, I’m addicted to those things.


If you have a small group (2-8) and just want to hang out without a host and games, you can choose the “Sweet Tea” in the cafe area. This is what you’ll get.


But it’s actually pink lemonade sparkling soda instead of tea.


And you pour it into these cups that look like they would be a mixed drink.


Some of the yummies. Notice there isn’t a cupcake on my plate? There is an extra macaron though. I traded.


And THIS. This is the reason I picked this place for my birthday. Raspberry macarons. My favorite.



Next stop is Michael Murphy’s Piano Bar because I wanted us to watch the dueling pianists.  I read on their website where I did NOT make a reservation, that they serve pizza. Sugar is sweet but we needed real food. And pizza is real food. We also got matching melting, runny, stamps!


But it was standing room only (remember I didn’t want to bother with a reservation?) so we moved on.

On to Fuel. This place has lots of food to choose from and live music. And cute little throw pillows. They have tables but we sat in this booth style area with the cute little throw pillows. So cute I had to mention it twice. Haha!


Last stop is a place called Club One15. Nicely decorated. When you first walk in there’s a dark hallway you have walk down and around and it reminds me of a Halloween haunted house. The good thing is they share cover charges with Murphy’s so you pay for one and get the other too. Thanks to my sis for finding this out for us.


Yeah…that wasn’t the best picture to describe some of the cool decor but we were kinda busy having fun. And it was dark. And I’m so against flash photography.

If you want to watch a little bit of our fun, you can do so here.

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